Saturday, August 8, 2015

Peaches are BAAACK!

After 5 years, we have finally brought back the elusive pickled and brandied peach. Our peach farmer is Dennis Flood from Kingsburg, California and he hand picks these fresh cling peaches (the Ross variety) that make the finest pickling peaches available. In fact, we don't know any other company that makes pickled peaches the old-fashioned method. Pickling peaches is a two day process. The peaches are picked on a Monday, and immediately brought down to our factory in Sierra Madre the same day. The next day, we flash cook the raw, fresh peaches in hot, boiling water to remove the outer layer of "fuzz". Then they are cooled in water. Then our employees hand  loosen the pit, and remove the stem on each peach. They are finally cooked with sugar and added spice (like cinnamon and clove) and then meticulously hand placed in the jars. The pickled peaches also receive a nice whole clove on the side of each jar and our brandied peaches receive a measured amount of brandy.